"Rollicking party blues." ~ Blues Revue

From the funky cover art courtesy of Charlie Johnson's Museum of the Odd to the final acoustic cut of 'House On Fire', The Bel Airs' third recording 'Hoo Doo Party' is a solid slice of wild and wonderful American pie. Nothing about the Bel Airs fits into a neat category except their well-deserved reputation for house-rockin' live shows and solid musicianship. 'Hoo Doo Party' delivers the energy and the groove fans have come to expect from the Bel Airs.

Blueberry Hill 1999

Hoo Doo Party CD


    • HooDoo Party
    • Strange things
    • Sugar Mama
    • Big City
    • I'm lost without you
    • Every Day I cry some
    • Good Lover
    • How come people act like that?
    • Who been foolin you?
    • Left me to roam
    • Take this hurt off me
    • House on fire